Metta Movement

Mindfulness of Body and Breath


Tuesdays and Thursdays


A mindful hatha yoga class designed to encourage a kind awareness of your body and breath, gently building strength overtime.

Classes are outdoors, on a lovely townhouse rooftop near Bilawal Chorangi. Group size is limited to 8 people to ensure distancing and safety. They are also streamed online via Zoom, in case you do not wish to attend in person.

The fee is Rs9,000 a month for 8 classes: 2 classes a week. This 8-class payment cycle can be used up to two months. Or you can drop in whenever you want. Drop in class is Rs1,400 per class. No charges for first class.

Please feel free to message if you have any other questions.

"When we practice, we observe how much peace, happiness, and lightness we already have. We notice whether we are anxious about accidents or misfortunes, and how much anger, irritation, fear, anxiety, or worry are already in us. As we become aware of the feelings in us, our self-understanding will deepen. We will see how our fears and lack of peace contribute to our unhappiness, and we will see the value of loving ourselves and cultivating a heart of compassion." — Thich Nhat Hanh⠀