My contribution: a guided body scan meditation

Moving away from the thinking mind, and resting in non conceptual being is what helped me come into my own during the period of isolation that followed Covid outbreak in 2020. Forging a deep, kind friendship with my body, with my “self”. Like I am my own mother, child, grandmother, friend. With this meditation, I am hoping to share with you an entry point in to your bodies and hopefully finding that loving kind space within. As we slowly, gently, kindly keep returning our attention (again and again and again) to our breath and body, we build safety and trust in our body, in our being. 

This guided body scan can be done lying down or seated, whatever you are comfortable with. If you are sitting, consider placing a folded blanket or a hard cushion under your sit bones and hips. Elevating your pelvis can bring ease in this pose. If you are lying down and are able to, please consider lying on the ground instead of a soft surface like a bed or sofa. You can place a folded towel or blanket under your head to offer yourself a bit of ease in the neck and jaw. 


Self-Compassion, Metta Practices

Beginning in 2018, Karachi Sangha was initiated to create space for mindfulness/Vipassanā insight meditation practitioners in the city to sit together every Wednesday. Sometimes the sits are guided by Mindfulness/Vipassanā teachers, other times we meditate silently together. 

These sits are open for everyone. In keeping with 2,500 year old Buddhist tradition, teachings are offered freely.  To join please register here.



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